About Owl Media Group

Owl Media Group takes pride in providing social-first platforms which equally benefit and
facilitate engagement between businesses and consumers, and creating much needed balance
to make conducting business, easier, safer, faster and better. The vision behind every platform
in the Owl Media suite is to make lives better and foster a healthy environment in which parties
can conduct business efficiently. Facilitating free and fair business relationships is crucial for
any thriving economy and Owl Media bridges the gap and open doors for transparent and
successful transacting. No advertising funds influence the functionality of our media platforms
because we value authenticity and never compromise on quality no matter how lucrative the
offers from advertisers may seem.

Now you may be wondering: how then are Owl Media Group’s innovative and diverse platforms
funded? Well, simply by the generous donations and support we receive from the public.
Contributions made towards any of Owl Media’s platforms enable us to better our offerings
and ensure we continually improve on the ambitious work our team undertakes to bring you
the very best and up-to-date media services.

Have you used any of Owl Media’s services? Did you find our services beneficial? If so, we ask
that you please show your support by kindly donating to help us continue to build on the great
foundation we have laid. No contribution is too big or small and we accept donations of any
value. To give you an idea, to date the average donations are in the range of US$50 which we
are grateful for with several patrons kind enough to contribute substantially more, which has
allowed us to get to this point, but we have a goal to even bring you more, on top of improving
on the services we currently have available to you.

Help us help you by making a donation of your choice and assist in us maintain and keep Owl
Media platforms available for free to all and let’s journey together towards a more prosperous
and successful future.

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