Many people wish to travel the world to visit dream locations and historical sites such as “The Taj Mahal” or “The Great Pyramids of Giza.” Mostly people travel for the sake of visiting places and landmarks, but if you are beauty conscious then you can go as far as going around the globe just to enjoy your ideal beauty service.

Some would say that it is not worth it or that it costs too much but if you take your beauty routines seriously then you will surely be willing to go anywhere. Moreover, if you are able to find a good travel deal then you will have no reason to stop yourself.

Avid travellers get the opportunities to see many different countries and regions with diverse experiences. During their travel, they experience the best and most luxurious hotels and spas with exquisite services. Not just trying different products, they get a chance to experience beauty services that are not available anywhere else.

Beauty Travel Treatment Massage Experience

Some destinations around the world are known for their spa treatments, such as Bath, England; Sedona, Arizona; and Bali, Indonesia. These are just to name a few. There are multiple beauty treatments available all over the world that you most probably have never heard of.

Going on a trip and enjoying those treatments will not only be a memorable and a lifetime experience but will also help you take your mind off your monotonous routine. Once you reach your destination, you not only need to find your dream spa but also the best car rental services that will take you there.

When you think about travelling, things that come to your mind are sights, sounds, and food. Travelling has always been thought of as a way to enjoy and experience different cultures and experiences. So, just like everything else, beauty services are a part of the culture too and you can get to experience them. Moreover, instead of considering it as an added incentive to your holiday travel, you can travel for the sole purpose of enjoying these beauty services. You will have an opportunity to immerse yourself into a foreign culture through their beauty treatment services.

Thai Massage & Cupping Therapy

Beauty Travel Treatment Massage Experience

Cupping is a therapy which is widely known and used in Asian countries. Traditional Chinese medicine included cupping therapy as a regular treatment. During this, small glass cups create a suction on your skin. Glass cups were introduced in the modern era and before this, the same procedure was done using hollow bamboo cups.

You must have heard of the famous Thai massage. Cupping today is included as an extra service during a regular Thai Massage session. Cupping technique uses heat and air pressure to create the suction, pulling cellular wastes and toxins from deeper layers of your skin towards the surface. This procedure ‘cleans’ your blood, drains excess fluids, stimulates the nervous system, and improves blood flow to muscles.

This technique is particularly new for western societies, but it has been a custom in ancient Chinese medical routines. Although, new, it has sparked interest in many Europeans and westerners. Now, this method of purifying your blood is gaining popularity all over the world. If you’re on a visit to any Asian country, especially China or Thailand then you can experience this. You’ll walk out of the therapy feeling amazing, despite the cupping bruises you’ll have all over you for a few days.

Floating Massage in Bavarian Alps

Beauty Travel Treatment Massage Experience

If you’re a spa enthusiast, then we have found a true heaven for you. There’s a luxury spa in the spectacular hills of Wetterstein mountain range. It offers a wellness experience complete with relaxation rooms, saunas, tea lounges and cold pools as well as a gym. Having all of this in the middle of the rocky mountains delivers an exclusive experience.

There is every kind of beauty treatment available here. They have specialty treatment for teens as well. The standout is the 45-minute floating massage. It is performed in a pool warmed to 35℃. You float in the pool with an inflatable pillow under the head and a floating pole under our knees while the massage therapist stands in the water next to you. The therapist will start from a gentle foot massage and then progress the indulgence in phases into an arm and shoulder massage.

The treatment culminates in a neck and back massage. The speciality of this treatment is weightless suspension which makes it possible for the therapist to do three-dimensional spiral-dynamic work on your spine and other major joints. It’s “Next level indulgence,” the Professor says!

Bavaria is a landlocked state of Germany and if you have never been to Germany before, you’ll find it lovely. A distant place, dedication to luxury and a unique floating massage treatment make it a worthwhile visit.


Beauty Travel Treatment Massage Experience

Velatrapia is a Brazilian beauty treatment. It has gained popularity in the recent years. It is a hair burning procedure. The idea is that it burns off split ends and makes your hair smooth and shiny.

It is a process where a flame cauterizes the hair, leaving behind a passage of nutrients to its interior, removes split ends and reduces impermeability caused by brushing and other chemicals. Initially, the hair artists divide and twist hair into small sections. Then they take a lit candle, carefully moving it up and down the twisted section.

Velatrapia takes between two to three hours and is suitable on any type of hair, from dyed to straightened. It is especially effective for dry and damaged hair that combats the stress caused by chemical treatment, dying, and constant styling. Velatrapia has been popular in the South American region since the 1960s where women often do this treatment themselves at home.

It is important to note that while burning split ends might remove the split in the hair, you are also creating a potential vulnerability to the fibre itself. There are many more effective ways to remove split ends, but the bizarreness of this treatment makes it even more fascinating. The Professor feels his feathers are too delicate for this.

Beauty Travel Treatment Massage Experience

Travel is an amazing thing. But usually, if you visit a country with a totally changed environment from your own, then odds are that it will disturb your personal health & beauty. Any issue such as high humidity, dry heat, extreme cold, dehydration, or chlorinated water can have its toll. You do not want to have a beauty treatment and travel sickness at the same time.

In that case, be careful, keep yourself hydrated, stay moisturized and ensure following a proper travel guide. In some destinations, local beauty treatments supply a relaxing and rejuvenating window into local culture. You can take some time out from your busy routine to immerse and explore rich cultures.

Treatments that cost a lot in your own country are often far cheaper in their native regions. There are cities which are obsessed with beauty treatments such as New York or Buenos Aires. Go out and explore this world by trying beach pedicures in Bali, leg-hair threading in Vietnam, or having your dead skin nibbled off by fish in Hong Kong.

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